Hi, my boy and I like riding dirt bikes, we get out about once a month (Durhamtown), for the last 2 years. I have lots of friends that we can ride with, but none that have kids.

If you and your boy want to hook up for a day at Durhamtown some time please give me a holler (email sp33d3@yahoo.com).


Me (Mario): 44yrs old, 2-wheeled obsessive, street (sport bike) rider for 20yrs, dirt biker for 2, like moderate trails and mild motocross action, current bikes 2002 Ducati 998 and 2002 Yamaha WR250F

Son (Tomas): 10yrs old, been riding for 2 years, likes mild trails and loves moderate MX action (he's fairly quick and very competent but not a super aggressive daredevil). Current bike is a highly modified 2002 TTR90 (it has motocross-capable suspension grafted on to it).

More info here: www.speedfreaks.info


email me: sp33d3@yahoo.com