Guys -

I need recommendations for reliable small engine repair for the following situations:

1. Yamaha 50hp outboard that will likely need a carb cleaning from having sat unused for two years. The boat was run dry of fuel during the last usage and the fuel that was in there had a stabilizer added, but after two years sitting unused I do not have high hopes about the condition of the carbs. Boat will be near Lake Jackson, or can be trailered over to the Newnan/West Point Lake area. This one will need to be dropped off on 4/25 and picked up on the morning of 5/3. This one is my responsibility.

2. Kawasaki Mule 650 that has developed a miss/hesitation. This one is in Monticello, but can be dropped off anywhere between Monticello and Atlanta. This belongs to a friend who has no motorcycle experience/contacts.

Thanks in advance.