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    Down In The Valley, An Abandoned1900's Mining Town

    This was once a thriving mining town with hundreds of houses, a commissary, a school, a post office, a hotel, a furnace, coke ovens, and even a community water system. The furnace was shut down in 1905, after it was discovered that the the iron ore deposits were of poor quality and quantity compared with those discovered in the nearby Birmingham area. The town began it's slow spiral into obscurity. During WWI, the furnace was purchased by the British government. It was then dismantled and shipped to Calcutta. Most of the better homes were sold off and moved. A lumber company operated here in the 1940's. By the time of an infamous train derailment in 1969, there was little left to see.

    What descriptions I give of the pictures that follow are simply my best guess, as the history I have found online is fairly vague.

    I believe this structure was rebuilt by the lumber company, from some of the original ruins. There is some much older stone and concrete structure that the concrete block seems to have been built upon.

    Another block structure I believe to be from the lumber company.

    Ruins that appear to be from the original mining town.

    The remains of the coke ovens are still visible from the air, but unfortunately the brush is still quite thick. I would like to come back later in the year, but this is an actively hunted area.

    The rail line is still active, but no trains passed the two hours or so I was in the area. Unfortunately, it seems 6 years bouncing about in the tankbag has taken it's toll on my Canon P&S that I use to take pictures from the bike. It doesn't want to always focus, and exposure and saturation levels seem to be at times random.

    The road in was very easy for the Strom, but I would not want to bring the TL down here.

    Afterwards, I rode up to a spot overlooking the valley.

    I apparently smacked a branch with one of the driving lights. She's nice and dirty again

    Way down there, you can barely spot one of the buildings.

    A mild HDR shot.

    I hope you all enjoyed
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    beautiful pictures thanks sharing


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