There's much more to see, but so much has been demolished. I'd like to go back at a time less conducive to the slithery-bitey critters.

I took a three day moto-camping trip and decided to hit a spot I had found google-sploring. I'm assuming this small building was a central office of some sort.

About the only other things still standing are this large building and two silos.

There is a loading pier out into the river, I imagine it was for chemicals by the construction.

I went to explore the building across the tracks, which I think may have been some sort of factory medical or training facility.

And then I seem to have disturbed a dreaded diamond-backed-cobra-moccasin... I wasn't within striking distance,, but the snake was rattling to warn me off. I slowly backed away and went on my way. I really would like to go back during a less snakey season.

Some random shots from around the grounds...

Between the plant growth, and an active adjacent site, I didn't get to the far end of the facility which looks to have a row of in ground storage tanks. The whole place is littered with demolition debris and various metal bits.

And finally, a few pictures from the Blue Ridge Parkway