How to Pack Fragile Items

You might not worry about haphazardly throwing items into the bag at the grocery shop. However, you should certainly take some precautionary measures when it comes to packing fragile items for a move. Keep in mind that you already have a lot of things to worry about during the moving day. You should not include broken items and damaged valuables.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today, we are going to share some tips on how to pack fragile items before you hire Melbourne to Brisbane removalists.

Provide Yourself Adequate Time

You shouldn’t wait until the day before the moving company arrives to start packing fragile items. You need to pack them early on so that you can take care of them as best as possible.

Use Paper to Stuff Hollow Items

You should stuff your fragile items with paper to lower the possibilities of your glasses and vases being crushed by other items. This will help fortify the fragile items for the move.

Place Heaviest Items on the Bottom

You can avoid small items from being crushed if you place your heaviest items on the bottom.

Pack Smaller Boxes into Bigger Ones

You can pack a small item into a small box of its own if you are worried about a particular small item. After that, you can place the small box into a bigger one and pack everything else around that box. It’s one of the most successful ways of keeping your fragile items in a single piece if you do not mind the additional packing.

Tape the Bottom of Box

This is obviously a very simple tip. However, a lot of individuals miss this. You will certainly be thankful that you did this. Else, you will regret it later on.

Do a Shake Test

You should gently shake the box and see if the fragile items are moving around. You should do this before you seal things off. You will require more padding if the fragile items still move.

Do Not Leave Empty Spaces

Leaving a lot of empty space is one of the major mistakes people make when packing fragile items. Empty space enables your items to move around. This improves the chance of damage. you should instead utilize a lot of paper and bubble wrap to stuff the space you do not use.

Use Soft Material to Line the Bottom of the Box

You can utilize paper, blankets, towels, or other soft items. It will offer additional padding for your delicate items if you line the box’s bottom with something soft.

Moving can be extremely overwhelming. That’s why packing properly your fragile items is one way to lower the overall stress. If you take time to pack delicate items, you will certainly celebrate later on. It might appear tedious. However, you need to do it so that you can still use these items in your new house. If you don’t have the time to pack your fragile items, you can always hire a professional mover to do the job for you.