Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

There are a couple of common mistakes that can wreak havoc on your schedule if you are getting ready for a major move. It can save you from unnecessary challenges if you know how to prevent these moving mistakes.

Before you hire interstate removalists Sydney to Gold Coast for your moving, here are several common mistakes you should avoid:

Wrong Boxes Labeling

Not labeling the boxes properly will cost you energy, time, and will definitely add to the overall challenge of the moving day.

To prevent this, you should buy a couple of markers before the moving day. Next, you should label the upper part of the box and the 2 other sides. This will help you spot easily the label. Every box needs to have your complete name written on it just in case the box somehow gets misplaced. For security and safety, it’s an excellent move not to label what’s inside the box since it can increase the risk of theft. You can use a marker and a masking tape to label the boxes.

Underfilling Boxes

You’re increasing the risk of damage to your items during the move if you don’t fill up the boxes all the way to the top. Keep in mind that these boxes will be stacked on top of each other. If the box has an empty space on top of it, it won’t be very stable and can be crushed more easily by the box stacked on top of it.

To prevent this, you should ensure you fill your boxes up to 101%. Also, you should apply more than a single layer of tape to reinforce the bottom of the box. You can also put a cardboard piece at the bottom to lower pressure.

Not Sorting Items Before the Move

It might appear a lot simpler to just place every single item you have into a box and then sort them when you arrive at your new home. However, you should keep in mind that the moving process is a tiring one. You will probably need to relax once you arrive in your new house. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to that if you’ve got a lot of junk lying around. One of the biggest things about moving is that you can enjoy a peaceful, newly organized, and a freshly cleaned house. You’ll certainly lose out on this if you do not sort things early on.

Not Having a Plan

If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. This can be applied to your moving day. Planning which rooms will be unpacked first, who will take care of the food during the move, and what rooms you’ll pack are all aspects that you have to plan early on.

You should immediately start making a plan as soon as you’ve hired a moving company. You should figure out how much time you’ve got before the actual move and how much time you will require. Then, plan according to it. Make sure you use the free time you have before the moving day.