Valuable, large, and heavy – these are 3 words most DIY movers do not like. Of course, DIY movers usually don’t have any problem moving cartons on a truck. However, what about the items that need unique care and special attention? Are you willing to risk damaging these items for the sake of saving money?

There are occasions where you need an expert mover’s assistance. A professional mover will help in moving valuable, big, and weighty pieces safely and quickly. Today, we are going to share with you some common items that require the help of an interstate removalists Sydney.

Heirlooms and Artwork

Heirlooms and artwork have their own difficulties when properly moving. Of course, you can move these things with preparation and fortitude. You should use a lot of padding when packing these items. This includes peanuts, newsprint, bubble wrap, or a combination of these items. Then, you have to properly box them. For huge art pieces, it’s best to purchase crates. It’s extremely vital that you safely move these items to your new house. This is particularly true if they’ve got sentimental value.

Huge Pieces of Furniture

Do you have any idea how to move huge items through the doors? Chances are the pieces of furniture that you brought inside your house that arrived unassembled. If you want to disassemble every single one of these pieces, you might waste a lot of time. Keep in mind that time is precious when moving. In addition to that, if you’re moving pieces of furniture, you’ll require a couple of tools. This includes moving blankets, moving straps, furniture dolly, and much more. These tools will help make the job a lot easier.

Do you find it hard to move your furniture? Well, don’t worry. All you’ve got to do is to book a moving company to handle your big pieces of furniture. A professional mover knows how to move these things safely and quickly. They also know how to disassemble them properly to fit through the door.


Almost every house appliance isn’t worth moving. However, if you’ve got appliances that are quite new or unique, you might want to bring them with you. You should think about how you could pull it off before you choose to move the appliances by yourself. Nowadays, most fridges weigh around 300 lbs. Thus, they are not that heavy. However, they can be bulky and cumbersome. Furthermore, modern appliances are more fragile since computers are now incorporated into them.

Because of this, hiring a professional mover is the best way to do it.


If you think that moving a piano is easy, you might regret it later on. Pianos are extremely fragile and are extremely difficult to move. You will require a lot of tools if you want to move a piano. In addition to that, you will also need a couple of people to help you. On the other hand, if you hire a professional mover, you’ve got nothing to worry about since they know what to do.